Learn Digital, Digitally - A Word for Students.

Learn Digital, Digitally – A Word for Students

Learn Digital, Digitally – A Word for Students. Like many other digital marketers, I have no formal internet marketing training. However, we were just taught about different internet marketing channels during my MBA. 

Surprisingly, our schools never taught us how to configure Google Analytics or optimize specific demographics for Facebook ads. There was no training on performing social media engagement over particular platforms. 

Instagram Engagement Tips & Tricks in 2022 

We never had any practical training on building such skills, yet interviewers ask questions while hiring digital marketers. I am a digital marketer, and I have interviewed hundreds of candidates, which is why I know by experience.

I wonder why academic institutions do not lead us to practical stuff like how ‘Optimizely’ can help us keep pace with your customers’ constantly changing behaviors or read social media insights from the analytic page of the social website. 

Hundreds of practical tools like these are the tangible digital assets that make us competitive and help us find a job quicker than expected.

Coming to the main agenda of this blog, always remind yourself that your college or school education is just a measure of how good you are at following instructions providing a given syllabus. You learn prescribed course material and are examed on different trick questions evaluated from that course. 

I always feel that listening to the teachers is very important during class. They might be saying something outside of the course outline and can create a massive difference for your grooming vision and career.

Did you know what matters even more than your course content and mentor’s lectures? ‘SELF-RESEARCH’

Learn Digital, Digitally - A Word for Students.

Try doing your research and self-study on course-related topics when you do not feel academic pressure. Learn digitally, explore the internet and surprise your teachers with what you know of their subject. If Google is your best buddy, you don’t need a friend at any age.

How to learn digitally? The one-word answer is GOOGLE, but that’s not enough. Google search has evolved into an art. 

Let’s say you are in high school and want to learn about ‘SEO.’ Your search terms need to be as follows:

  • beginner training for SEO
  • SEO training for beginners 
  • SEO for high schoolers
  • best SEO guide for beginners

If you type in SEO on Google, you will be bombarded with links from marketing agencies offering SEO marketing services. 

You can use the exact keywords on the Youtube search engine as well. 

Find SEO champians of this era like Neil Patel and Rand Fishkin and follow what they are up to with SEO on their social profiles and blog websites. 

Try finding ebooks from websites like  Project Gutenberg: Free eBooks or Free-eBooks.net. Equip yourself with as much theory as possible. 

Once you are theoretically prepared, go for the tutorials you will easily find on Youtube. 


Learn digital, digitally. Digital is the way to go about it now. Even if you are in a digital-related field or a conventional agricultural niche, digital resources will take you a long way. 

Train yourself on learning your subject digitally. If you face any troubles in doing so, feel free to reach out. 


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