About Me

Hi, I am Ali, a digital marketing innovator and online entrepreneur. 


Busy streets of karachiw here I started my content writing

Let me share with you guys how I got here!

Hi, I am Ali, a digital marketing innovator and online entrepreneur. I can do it all under one ROOF, from SEO to web development to content marketing!

I started my content writing journey from the busy streets of Karachi, Pakistan. I lived in a 10 by 10 tiny room and wrote academic essays for local clients. Life was tough, but the struggle was worth it.

After gaining 12 years of diverse experience and trying different digital marketing domains, I built up my digital charisma, which lives with me forever.

Ali Jaffar Zia WOrking
in San Francisco

I love traveling and exploring new places, which got me to North America, where my digital marketing career went viral.

With an MBA and a Ph.D. degree in digital marketing, I was able to earn a hands-on understanding of business formations, marketing-sales operations, financial strategies, and general strategic management. I’ve initiated multiple startups. Digital Maxima, Inbound Media, Business Tech Today, Marketing For Digital, and Fitness Health Essentials are a few that I preciously love!

I have helped more than 50 businesses in growing their reputation online.