What is Engagement, and what is Engagement on Instagram exclusively?

Instagram Engagement Tips & Tricks in 2022

Instagram Engagement Tips – When I think of Engagement, I think of a guy putting a ring on her fiancee’s finger.?

But this is not the Engagement we’ll talk about today. Social media engagement is a different genre, but the crux of the meaning in both remains the same.


What is Engagement, and what is Engagement on Instagram exclusively?


It’s essential to know these terminologies before getting into the methodologies. Engagement means building a connection between two entities. On Instagram, Engagement means how your profile or company page can interact with the sea of followers and non-followers around you. 


Why Do You Need Instagram Engagement?


There are three types of accounts on Instagram.

  • Personal Account
  • Creator Account
  • Business or Professional Account

You may have a different of the three accounts, but the need for Engagement could be the same. Any three Instagram account types can desire to have leads, sales, and business revenue as their goal.

A personal account is mainly used by individuals who have o business intent. Creator account is for professionals with business intent but as individuals. The business Instagram profile is for showcasing businesses or brand pages.  


How to Do Instagram Engagement in 2022?


Instagram’s Engagement goes early as when it was launched on October 6, 2010. Initially, Instagram was only a photo-sharing app, and it had less to do with written content. With time features like stories and reels, IGTV has been integrated into the platform and made it more diverse and engagement-friendly. 

As the Instagram membership grew and became more content friendly, engagement tactics were needed to win the constantly advancing algorithm. Ranking your post 

Tips & Tricks For Instagram Engagement


Here are a few tips which have worked for me in the past and now. 

First of all, you need to post excellent content consistently. What role do followers play? They kickstart your post. Your followers will react with the content and kickstart as it enters the universe of random profiles. 

Organic is a new way; organic is the only way. Do not fool the algorithm by buying fake followers or generating fake likes. The new algorithm will penalize your profile, de-rank it, or even disable your account forever. 



The deception of the algorithm is a myth. I still see some people trying to sell me on it’s a good boost for your profile. Well. I’m happy with my 1200 organic followers than 5000 fake. 



Search profiles and hashtags of your niche. Let us support it, and I would search hashtags like #seotips or #marketingtips because I know that people following or using these hashtags are also the people I want to Engagement with for my profile enhancement. 



I will go into the recent post section for these hashtags.

Now I will start with the most recent post and see if it has some value or content that could be commendable. 

I will like that post, comment on it, be relevant to the post’s content, and reshare the post if it goes with my brand strategy of the Instagram profile. 

In the same way, now I will move further to the following post. I will do 5-7 comments of these types in one go and then break around 4 to 6  hours. After 4 to 6 hours, I’ll perform the 5-6 engagement activities again. 


Here is an example of the comment I would make!

Here is an example of the comment I would do

10-12 of such comments are enough every day to post fresh and unique content. You can also go into your insight section and see how many people have visited your profile and their follow rate.

A profile follow-rate can be calculated by (Followers / Visitors) x 100.


The Follow Un-Follow Strategy


The follow unfollow strategy works only if done on a very minute scale.

The method is simple. You follow 10 people, 4 follow you back, and you unfollow the remaining 6. Follow rate, in this case, is 40%. Follow pace can be higher or lower depending on the audience you are pitching to.

Doing too much of this strategy can also disable your account, so I would not highly recommend it for follower growth.

People you engage with or talk to, following them is a whole different scenario.




I hope you have learned a few new tricks in this blog. The conclusive statement is to be as genuine and organic as possible. Follow my blog for more valuable insights and tips.

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