Pay Attention To These Granular Metrics On Social Media

When measuring social media engagement, pay attention to these granular metrics.


What is social media Engagement? This is a question we need to start with. Social media engagement is the trace of how the user has behaved over your social media account. This interaction may be with a post you just posted or with information on your about page. In terms of video marketing, the total number of views and the % watched is considered an engagement KPI. (Key Performance indicator)



The use of social media platforms during digital marketing campaigns is most important. It is the most efficient way to interact with your customer and also keep track of the branding performance online. However, traditional marketing strategies provided a challenge when it came to keeping track of the progress made by marketing campaigns, making it difficult to conduct a comprehensive assessment of performance, engagement, and improvement, among other vital factors to consider.


Social media is by far the leader in digital interactions over the web.



With social media, four vital metrics can help your organization keep track of how a specific campaign is doing by giving access to relevant tracking and measuring engagement. For example, according to a customer’s journey from prospect to an active participant, these granular metrics can help you assess the rate at which a campaign is converting prospects through client engagement.


Social Media Engagement Granular Metrics


Here are some of the key engagement KPIs which can translate into your brand outreach on social media.


Awareness metrics


These metrics reflect the number of potential and current audiences on social media platforms. It informs you of the attention your brand has acquired online. This is mostly associated with the ‘Impression’ or ‘Reach’ statistics on social channels. Therefore, it is essential for businesses that regularly use social media to monitor their brand awareness through the number of users they reach and develop ways to either improve failing areas or increase high-performing sectors.


Pay Attention To These Granular Metrics On Social Media


Several social media metrics can be used to assess your brand awareness, such as impressions, links, shares, and mentions. For example, to keep track of the number of times users mention your brand, use a brand monitoring tool. This will give you an accurate and precise measurement of the traction gained across different social media platforms.


Audience growth rate


This metric enables you to monitor the rate at which your brand is acquiring new followers. Especially with increased Internet access across the globe. An audience growth rate helps your organization decide how to increase the rate at which new followers join your brand online.

Instagram Follower Statistics

Instagram Follower audience A

You can easily use this strategy. It will help you assess at what rate your competition is gaining new followers and develop ways to improve your own. Basically, by dividing the number of new followers by the total number of followers and multiplying it by a hundred, you can get the audience growth rate.


Potential reach


A potential reach metric provides you with enough details. It provides you with the approximate number of users who could view your post during a particular reporting period. For example, if one of your followers shared your post, a certain percentage of their audience is likely to consider it. There are increasing your chances of increasing followers. Thus, an effective way of gauging progress is by analyzing the number of people who can be reached by your post.


Here’s what Neil Patel has to say about how to track your social media efforts.


Social Share of Voice


Knowing what people are saying about your brand is vital in planning ways to improve your campaign strategies. Most businesses can keep track of both direct and indirect mentions online. These metrics help organizations measure their brand scaling with competitors.

These Four engagement metrics are some of the most important and influential in knowing your position on the online space. Online marketing is highly competitive, and without the necessary tools, it becomes challenging to keep up with rival brands.

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