Is SEO a Dying Industry

Is SEO a Dying Industry?

The million-dollar question, ‘Is SEO a Dying Industry”. The short answer is: SEO isn’t dead or dying; it’s evolving.

While it is true that Google Ads has changed the game by adjusting its algorithms, they’ve also made it easier to reach target audiences through SEO and paid ads. Before Google entered the scene, your net had to be a lot bigger, and filtering through irrelevant data was more prevalent. Click rates might be going down, but online ‘niche’ marketing is on the rise.

Even though it is constantly changing, SEO is here to stay. With an estimated value of nearly 100 billion dollars, SEO remains one of the most important industries in marketing. However, that is not to say the same old strategies will get you the traffic you hope for. The way people search and engage with content has also changed. Now, outdated SEO tactics are sure to tank your online search rankings.

Will SEO Exist in 5 Years?

SEO may still be alive and kicking, but many marketing tactics and trends have gone the way of the dodo. Making smart changes now can keep your page rankings high and avoid future pitfalls.


Google receives over 77,000 searches per second.


Moving into the future, some smart SEO moves to implement:

  • Relevance and quality are kings. Spamming links all over the web no longer achieves the same impact it once did. Hone the quality of every post you make to keep it relevant and fresh.
  • Stop obsessing over the number one spot. Instead, make sure your tags and keywords reflect your specific niche.
  • Keywords are FAR less important than the value of the information you are promoting. Make your information as pointed and thorough as possible, so your content is the very last the consumer will need. Be the authority on your topic, and it will show.

 Is SEO Worth Paying for?

Yes! SEO is constantly evolving. To remain ahead of the curve, investing in your business’s SEO is a wise move. Having said that, make sure you spend your hard-earned money wisely by contracting experienced individuals and by seeking proven methods of SEO outreach.

Is SEO Better than Google Ads?

The point of SEO is to push your site high in organic rankings so that consumers searching for content and services will see what you offer first. On the other hand, Ads allow you to target particular keywords and phrases with a generated ad. People searching for those keywords and phrases will run across your ad if they are in your targeted market area.

To argue for one over the other is an exercise in futility. For practical business purposes, they are equally useful tools to help build and promote your brand.