How To Tell If Your SEO Team Is Doing a Good Job or Not?

How To Tell If Your SEO Team Is Doing a Good Job or Not?

SEO teams are beneficial for online growth and exposure. They use various methods to help your website rank on web searches, but do you know if your SEO team is doing a good job, or are they just satisfactory? Since I operate in the same industry, I am exposing some tricks you should keep an eye open for.

Let us take a look at some signs.

Signs Your SEO Team Is Doing a Good Job


Let say you hired an agency for search engine optimization of your website. Your SEO team should generally be independent and are expected to be experts in their field. If they ask amateur questions that you are already aware of being a non-expert, STOP RIGHT THERE. Something is wrong.  They should be able to work on your SEO campaign on their own, without basic directions. Precise, planned, and organized communication is a sign that your team is professional and experienced. If they ask you for resources, it is time to be suspicious.


After a short time, preferably a week or two, your SEO team should report you SEO progress with a detailed game plan.


Wait for 3-4 months, and if nothing changes on your Google Console impressions and Clicks, it’s okay to be suspicious. An increased rank is always a good sign. But if your traffic drops, then you should be careful.

Good SEO Versus Mediocre SEO

Good SEO will always drive traffic to your website with the target keywords you have specified to your agency at the start. If you notice you are enjoying a good rank, but from the wrong keywords, something is wrong with the keywords. To check what specific keywords your web pages rank for, check your website’s Google Webmasters account.

Naturally, you will notice that your content has been optimized for a greater chance of ranking highly. Proper use of keywords and backlinks are apparent. Even the images are optimized.

Even when you interact with your SEO team, you can tell who is good or not. Good teams will give you all sorts of useful information. On the other hand, bad teams tend to hide their questionable techniques.

Do Not Focus Too Much on Traffic

Sometimes you will notice that your traffic is going down, but your revenue seems to be increasing. This can be a good thing as the visits now count towards more earnings. A lot of traffic but no revenue only looks good as a pretty graph.

Is your site SEO optimized?

These are some of the signs your SEO team is doing a good job at driving traffic to your website. We also recommend you learn some of the basics yourself. What do you think about our list?


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