10 Reasons You Are Losing Followers On Twitter

You’ve been working tirelessly to attract more Twitter followers, putting in endless days, weeks, and months trying to make a difference. Still, instead of seeing the counter rise, you’re losing followers? Since you’ve already accumulated a decent following, you’re undoubtedly aware that people unfollow accounts for several causes and that a tiny amount of follower turnover is perfectly natural and can happen to everyone. It usually occurs when you avoid sharing and communicating with your fans.

If you find that you’re losing Twitter followers at an unprecedented rate, you’ll want to act fast because the churn is more likely due to something else. 

A drop in your follower count can affect your interaction, making it more challenging to recover followers.

Fake followers 

Fake follower networks are becoming more popular on Facebook and Twitter. Naturally, as these follower networks increase in size, Twitter may begin to crack down on them more aggressively. This is typically achieved in large batches through algorithm and detection system adjustments.

10 reasons you might be losing followers on Twitter

Here are the most common reasons your Twitter followers are dropping:

  • Twitter is removing fake followers
  • You purchased your followers
  • It’s a Twitter glitch
  • You don’t have the “right” followers.
  • You’re using the follow/unfollow strategy.
  • You’re not posting frequently enough
  • Your tweets are low quality
  • You’re promoting yourself too hard
  • You’re posting outside of your niche

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