Why backlinks are the #1 ranking factor in SEO?

Why backlinks are the #1 ranking factor in SEO?

The million-dollar question in the world of digital marketing is that “Why are backlinks the number #1 ranking factor in SEO”? Let’s try and answer it. The Google SEO algorithm is always searching for fresh rating variables, and so far, it has approximately found over two hundred factors that can influence your search rankings. But there might be hundreds more that Google currently uses and which are not public. Fortunately, they don’t have to work on them all. Most have little weight in SEO and are mostly used as tie-breakers rather than signals for rating.

What is a ranking factor in SEO?

The method of optimizing your website to place as high as possible in organic search engine rankings is search engine optimization (SEO). When discussing search, we use the word “organic” to refer to unpaid search results. This is distinct from ads (or PPC) pay-per-click, which is a technique that relies on attracting paying traffic. Algorithms that consider different features and metrics found relevant by Google; are calculated by both paid and organic rankings on Google, the ranking variables.

What are Backlinks?

While Google plans to step away from backlinks in the future, they remain the most critical ranking factor for your sites. Except for using black hat SEO tactics is already too dangerous; the connections have to come from several high authority websites equivalent to yours. Also, some Google patents claim that essential backlink metrics might also be freshness and traffic.

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By crawling and indexing numerous pieces of content on your website, search engines work. As a signal that allows them to interpret and properly index this material, the crawlers use internal connections. The word “internal links” applies to any hyperlink within your website, leading to an internal tab.

I say that backlinks are the most critical ranking factor right now because it is tested and tried. Yes, I have seen hundreds of clients over the years whose SEO was boosted after providing a specific number of backlinks.

Even if there are any more hidden reasons that backlinks are the #1 ranking factor, let them be, and let’s focus on creating more of these gold bricks. While you do, remember, the website’s domain authority and relevancy from where the backlink is coming from decides how powerful and effective the backlink will be for your website.

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