First Digital Marketing Job - What Should My Focus Be?

First Digital Marketing Job – What Should My Focus Be?

A digital marketer’s role places a gigantic responsibility on the shoulders of the person who bears the title. His/her performance can make or break the company’s marketing campaigns and lead generation flow. But don’t let the weight of the words you just read crack you if it’s your first time playing the field; you need to take some calculated steps towards building your organization’s online presence starting from day one to ace your job. If this is your first digital marketing job, here’s what you should be focusing on.

Design your digital marketing job strategy

No matter what you do, your business strategy will always be your best friend. The same is true for your first digital marketing job. It would help if you always planned for what you want to reach and how you will get there. Align your business strategy with your personal strategy for more impact.

Improvement at every step

While in the context of strategy, you should also plan for improvement. Marketing technology evolves so fast that you should always be on your toes for possible techniques that will give you the edge over your competition. And because online marketing involves a market that covers the whole world, you will have to fight against competing marketers from every country. Evaluate and analyze all your google SEO or PPC campaigns. Run social media engagement reports weekly, collect data and then see where you need to improve.


Last but not least, you should learn how to take care of yourself. Many people stop short of their first digital marketing job after the first month when they find themselves juggling deadlines and losing sleep. As a digital marketer, you should find your limits and learn how to take care of yourself to serve both yourself and your clients better.

Remember, if you are healthier, you will be more predictive.

If you still have any questions, connect with me, and I will be happy to help.