Introduction to SEO Writing for Blog Writers

Introduction to SEO Writing for Blog Writers

SEO Writing for Blog Writers – Have to start from somewhere!

SEO writing for blog writers is about achieving their goals to create content that ranks well with Google and also has the ability to persuade people. Honestly speaking, with the ever evolving Google algorithms, this is not an easy task. Every little detail matters when you are working for SEO writing. You are building a brand with your words. An SEO writer fights at multiple fronts while composing his article.

The detailing of the SEO optimization includes the right keyword, the heading sizes, the use of LSI, and many more aspects. For beginners, you need to learn one thing at a time, master it, and then use it to create people-friendly and attention seeking writings.

Some important elements for beginners to consider for SEO writing are:

Heading sizes:

The different heading sizes range from h1 to h6. use the following sizes for the title, sib section, and subheadings.

  •       H1 subheading: title
  •       H2 subheading: subsection
  •       H3 subheading: subheading within a subsection

The last three heading sizes are less used because they are rarely needed The articles are generally covered using the first three main headings.

Introduction to SEO Writing for Blog Writers

Primary and secondary keywords:

You need to learn to optimize your article with the primary keywords for SEO Writing as an SEO Writer. Primary keywords are the most important ones and are used frequently throughout the whole document. Secondary sources are also important and are called LSI terms. This tells Google that you have thoroughly written your work. Google is the best site to search for your LSI terms. 

LSI Keywords: What are They and Do They Matter?

Meta description:

Add your keyword in the meta description to increase your chances of ranking in Google. This helps you set up keyword targeted pages that consistently rank on the top when anyone searches for the specific work.

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