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Five Reasons Why Email Marketing is Not Dead!

People say that the era of email marketing is dead, but that is not necessarily the case. Instead, there is actually ample proof of the opposite.

Let’s take a look at how email marketing is not dead.

5 Reasons Why Email marketing is Not Dead

  1. The email will not decrease, but studies have shown that the number of emails sent and received daily increases. As many people are checking their email accounts, they will more often than not open their inboxes. Chances are, some of the emails they open are commercial emails.
  2. Many customers also prefer to receive emails from businesses instead of other communication methods. Statistics are showing that a majority will actively prefer to receive more promotional emails. This is further proof that email marketing is only growing, and it ties in with our next reason.
  3. Email is a Popular Choice for Many. These days, people believe that millennials hate using email, but that isn’t the case. In fact, many of them prefer to use email to communicate with businesses. They tend to use social media to interact with friends and family, as well. ANything digital falls under their comfort zone.
  4. According to Google, 75% of Gmail’s users are checking their inboxes on mobile phones, which means mobile email marketing can shine. Since phone users are checking more often, this increases the chances of commercial emails being opened further.
  5. Finally, advancements in automated email technology are helping email marketing grow. These emails sent out have recipients’ names on them. A Stanford Graduate School of Business study showed that emails with names are being opened far more often.

Trust in Email Marketing

Email is only on the rise, and email marketing will grow along with it. Email marketing is not dead, and it will only grow from here on.

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