LinkedIn company page creation

A Step-By-Step Guide on LinkedIn Company Page Creation

Why should you have a LinkedIn company page?

As a business organization, you need to have an active presence on LinkedIn. LinkedIn company page creation is essential for a company’s growth. Because it is an excellent platform to reach out to your audience and expand your business, it is more effective for lead generation than Facebook.

What makes LinkedIn different from other platforms is its ability to connect companies with the top talent in their field. Companies no longer need to spend on advertising to hunt for the best talent. LinkedIn helps companies find the best candidates for their job posts and enables individuals to find the best job that matches their skill set.


How to create a LinkedIn company page?

Creating a LinkedIn page for your company is a piece of cake. Below are the steps that you can follow to create a LinkedIn page for your organization:

  • Click on the “work” icon located in the top right corner of the LinkedIn homepage
  • Click on the “Create a company page” option
  • Then select the option best defines your business. You can choose the option of small business or medium to large business, depending on the size of your organization.
  • In the next step, input the details of your company or organization along with the page identity and profile details.
  • Click on the “Create Page” button

After creating the company page, click on “Start building your Page” and add relevant details to expand your page.

How to get the most out of your company page?

After LinkedIn company page creation, you need to optimize it to get the best results. You can follow the steps given below for the optimization of your company page:

About Section

The about section of your company page is vital as it is the first place of interaction for a visitor. If you have not optimized this section for your audience, it is implausible that you can push them any further down the funnel. You need to do three things to create an effective about section for your company page:

Tell a Story

People like stories. They may get bored with stats, but stories engage them. So, if you can tell a compelling story of your brand or company, you are likely to capitalize on the leads you generate through an effective presence on LinkedIn.

Highlight the Benefits

Tell your audience what benefits they will get if they use your services or purchase your product. You may not hook them by mentioning the features of your product. But you can engage them by highlighting the benefits they will get from doing business with you.

Add a social proof

If there is social proof of your credibility, it will add authenticity to your profile. It will make people less hesitant to do business with you. Your target audience will be reluctant if you have a brand new profile. But if you have customer testimonials on your page, it will add to your audience’s confidence and make decision-making easy.

Add an employee list

Adding an employee List on your company page will add credibility and make it easy for the top talent to trust the legitimacy of your existence. This way, you can recruit those who are the best in the business for your company.

Upload content consistently

After creating the page and putting all the relevant information there, you cannot leave it just like this. You need to keep your page updated with the latest content related to your industry. The content should not focus on selling services but on providing value to the reader. It will help you engage your audience and enhance your page’s organic reach.

If you follow these steps in establishing your company’s presence on LinkedIn, you will soon see tremendous results for your organization.


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