PPC Ads on Social Media

PPC Ads on Social Media

PPC Ads on Social Media – There are multiple ways you can promote your brand or services on social media. Social media PPC ads are much cheaper than Google PPC ads, except for LinkedIn Campaigns. I have classified different types of social media PPC ads in this article.

Facebook Image Ads

It’s the most straightforward and relatively cheaper way to advertise your product on social media. But images with the ability to grab your audience’s attention can produce excellent results for your business. You can lead this audience to your website or sell them your products or services on the platform.

Facebook Video Ads

Video ads are more converting and rewarding than image ads since you can convey your message more innovatively to your audience. These videos can also include GIF-like graphics or animated videos. The more creative and exciting these videos are, the more are the chances of generating business.

Facebook Carousel Ads

In this ad format, you can display multiple images or videos to showcase the different aspects of your product or service. You can also choose to add multiple products in one ad. And you can add a separate call to action button in each image or video.

Facebook Slideshow Ads

These are highly impactful ads and a great way to grab your audience’s attention. In this ad format, you can create an adorable short video using a collection of still photos. You can also add music and text to this video through your ads manager.

Facebook Messenger Ad

You can directly land in your audience’s inbox by using this form of social media advertisement. It gives you an option to communicate with your audience directly and convince them to take the desired action. It would help if you chose the messenger as your desired placement for such an ad.

Dynamic Ads

If you want to reach out to an audience most likely to purchase your product, you can use dynamic ads. You can target those who visited your website or added your product to the cart but never made the actual transaction. It will prove a good reminder for them, and they may buy your product or service.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail 

It is a fantastic tool that can enable you to send messages to people who are not in your LinkedIn connections. This way, you can reach out to professionals who may be interested in your product or service. It is a great way to engage the audience relevant to your product or service and attract more business.

Twitter Ads Types

If you want to grow your business through Twitter paid advertisement, you can adopt any of the following modes of promotion on Twitter:

Promotional Tweets

It is an effective way to display your tweets to those not connected to you on Twitter. People can like, comment, and retweet these like regular tweets. It’s a great way to expand the reach of your tweets and convey your message to a broader audience.

Accounts Promotion

If you want to grow the outreach of your account or make your brand known to your target audience on Twitter, you can make use of this type of Twitter ad. Twitter will display your

account in the timeline of those likely to follow you.

Promoted Trends

You can also display your brand on Twitter’s trending topics through paid advertisement. It can get your brand significant exposure on Twitter and increase your following many times.

Trending topics is a section on Twitter showing the popular topics and hashtags on any given day.

Social media advertising is not a one-size-fits-all. It has to be used differently for different niches and niches. You may see good results from Facebook ads for a clothing store but not from an auto parts supply store. It all depends on your content, how well your ads are prepared, and how smart you have set your audience.


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