How To Manage An SEO Client?

How To Manage An SEO Client?

How To Manage An SEO Client? Managing an SEO client is not less than an art. You are lucky, and you just managed to hire an SEO client. Now what? How to start? Most individuals fail in managing a newly hired SEO client, and as a result, they run into losing that client. 

This article will specify a detailed list of action items you need to perform to get your client in business. 

I will break down the entire list into three sections; Preventive, Promotive, and Reporting.


Preventive Activities


This segment is mainly related to clients that are already onboarded, and SEO work is in progress. Perform the following list of items to ensure SEO is in good shape.

  • Site speed check: Check your site speed using GT matric or other online speed check tool. Suppose the loading speed is less than 3 seconds; it’s excellent for SEO. Website loading speed under 5 seconds is also acceptable. 
  • Different browser settings: Check your website on other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge and ensure a consistent layout.
  • Mobile responsiveness check: Mobile responsivity is a deciding factor in good and bad SEO. Make sure your site is clean and shows appropriately on the mobile screen. 
  • Fix dead links and Errors: Go over your Google Search Console Core Web Vitals and see any new broken links every week. Also, look for any toxic links. If you find any, put them up for removal.
  • Get Backups: Set your schedule to take the backup of your website weekly or bi-weekly. It is critical in case there is a malware attack on your website. 
  • Update wordpress and plugins: Regularly update your WordPress and its plugins. Every now and then, new updates need to be accepted to get the website running in the best condition. 
  • Forms and checkout process functionality: Almost all websites have some contact forms or lead capturing funnels. Ensure that these funnels are working correctly. Google will not rank a site whose contact forms are not working. 
  • Analyzing Search rankings: SEO teams should be looking at search control data almost daily. It tells them what’s working and what’s not. Where they have to focus more and the hurdles in their ranking opportunities. 

Promotive Activities


The promotive segment is mainly related to clients already undergoing an SEO campaign. 

  • Publish fresh content: Add new content to the website every week. If you can add two blogs per week, that’s best. Before writing a blog, research the best ranking keywords. 
  • Run PPC Ads: Although you are running an SEO campaign, a side PPC campaign can be of great help. Here’s why. We know that the SEO campaign will take time. In the meantime, if you can kick in with a PPC campaign and produce results for y our clients, that becomes a confidence-boosting environment for the client. 
  • Generate backlinks: Don’t forget to do link building. Guest posting is the best way to generate backlinks. 

Reporting Activities


All your hard work goes to waste if it’s not shared with the clients. Share even the tiniest of achievements or stuff you do for your clients. Following is a list of things you can share with an already running client. 

  • Share viral posts with clients: Share the screenshots with the clients if any of your social media posts get good traction. 
  • Share backlink progress with clients: Your backlink reports show the clients that a lot of work is being done at the back end. Share a backlink report every two weeks if possible. Also, share the impact of these backlinks t the site’s domain authority in the long run. 
  • Share Uber suggests keyword rankings: You can use any keyword tool of your choice. Share keyword rank improvements with the client. We use UberSuggest, so we use a directly generated report from uber suggest. 
  • Share improved conversion data: This is the most crucial report of all. As a marketer, you know what matters to your client the most. Let’s say it’s the web leads and phone calls generated from the website. Share a web lead conversion and phone call report with the client daily or weekly. 
  • Report any website changes: Share all web maintenance work you do and any design changes with the clients. 

Signing up with an SEO client is not the complete story. Keeping a healthy relationship with the client is even more critical. If the work is not done on time and not reported correctly, a client may disappear in no time. 

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