4 Tips To Increase Clicks On Google Adwords

4 Tips To Increase Clicks On Google Adwords

Many new marketers face the problem of getting more clicks on their Google ad campaigns. Increase clicks on your Google Ads campaigns by using the following tips.

Improved Quality Score of your ad

One of the most significant improvements we’ve made is improving the quality score. This means that when people search for your product or service, they will see more relevant ads at the top of the list. How do you improve the quality score of your ad? Ensure your ad title and content go with the landing page’s content. If the relevancy is there, the quality score will go up.

Better Keyword Matching

Another significant improvement can be made by complimenting the new Quality Score algorithm. It’s designed to ensure that only high-quality advertisers appear in searches. To do that, use targeted keywords that are directly complimenting the keywords on the landing page. Better keyword matching helps you show your desired keywords in search results.

More location Targeted Ads

In addition to improving the quality of ads shown, you should also improve how we manage location-based ads. When an advertiser has too many low-quality clicks, Google will automatically suspend them. This means fewer bad actors will be able to use our platform. Make your ad locations specific. Google ads also give you options to target based on Zip codes.

Increased Conversions

Your goal is to ensure that your advertisers spend less money while getting more conversions. That’s why Google has made several improvements to their system. First, they’ve increased the number of impressions available each day. Second, they’ve reduced the cost per click (CPC) for specific keywords. And third, they’ve added new tools to help advertisers better understand what’s happening in their campaigns.

Increased the quality of our ads

Google can also improve the quality of your ads by making them more relevant to users. This means that when people search for something, they will see ads that match the terms they used. In addition, they’ve made it easier for advertisers to manage their accounts. They can easily view their performance metrics and adjust bids as needed.

Conclusion – Be a KPI-loving person

When I say be a KPI-loving person, I mean to be more data-centric. You can significantly improve your campaigns on gradual bases by improving your KPI score. Google Adwords itself gives you recommendations to work on.

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