If I Made a One-Page Marketing Plan For a Small Business, What Should I Include?

If I Made a One-Page Marketing Plan For a Small Business, What Should I Include?

One-Page Digital Marketing Plan

A detailed one-page digital marketing plan covering everything is great, but there are times when a little bit less is actually more. A one-page digital marketing plan can cover everything while allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

Also, remember that the digital marketing strategy will vary from industry to industry. For example, a restaurant will have a different marketing goal than a B2B background screening company.

Nevertheless, there is a commonality in all marketing plans, which I will cover here in this blog.

For small businesses, here is what you should include in a one-page marketing strategy.


If I Made a One-Page Marketing Plan For a Small Business, What Should I Include?


What Should I Include in the Marketing Plan?

For starters, a one-page marketing plan is more of a summary than a detailed step-by-step paper. Approaching it with this in mind can help you stay concise and avoid rabbit holes. Focus on the big picture, and it’ll come together.

A title is always important to have. It keeps all your thoughts together and condenses everything in a few words. The next sentence or two can be about the service or product you intend to sell. Include how it affects your clients as well.

Writing down the target audience is very important, and you should make it clear who you are targeting. For instance, how is your product different from similar ones? Explain how in your marketing plan.


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Price, creative headlines, profit and loss, and special offers make up the next section of your marketing plan. These have to do with numbers, so you should have them calculated before setting things in stone. Other market information could also be included if you have some room.

Eventually, you’ll get to writing the goal down. Without a goal, your plan is likely to be aimless and confused. It would help if you thought hard about one and then harmonize everything.

You can include some other items: your budget, a timeline, and other plans relevant to the strategy. There are times when writing some extra details will help you form a clear picture.

For example, in the market information, you could write down a few threats and competitors to watch out for.

When you write your marketing plan, could you not write it without structure? Even keeping everything in tables and lists will make it coherent.


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Why Should I Write a One-Page Marketing Plan?

A one-page marketing plan is often the first step and is definitely not the last. If you’re doing this for the first time, a short plan will easily allow you to make corrections and adjustments. However, with a solid plan, you’ll find getting started much easier.


Getting Your Marketing Plan Ready

With the help of a one-page marketing plan, you can start on a more detailed one. In turn, you can see your ideas and goals come to fruition. If you want to learn more about drafting your own one-page marketing plan, please visit our website today!


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One Page Marketing Plan Summary

In summary, a digital marketing plan has to address the basic methodology on how to drive conversions and target the audience relevant to the brand.


If you still need more clarification, I am listing down few well-crafted templates of marketing plans. I hope these will give you a firm kickstart.


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