How to Make your Digital Marketing More Inclusive for Neurodivergent Consumers

How to Make your Digital Marketing More Inclusive for Neurodivergent Consumers

Neurodivergent Consumers (those whose brain functions are considered to be “standard”) see the world in ways that are different from neurotypical people. These distinctions apply to both the digital and physical worlds.

As a result, a neurodivergent individual could find specific design formats, typefaces, screen layouts, navigational functionalities, colours, content, and images confusing. This often leads to tension and annoyance.

How to make your digital marketing content more inclusive for neurodivergent consumers? Here are some helpful suggestions to make your digital marketing content and communications more inclusive to everyone.

Make your communication clear

Make your communication clear, concise, and to the point. It would be best to write in a literal, snappy, and to-the-point manner to make your content and communications more inclusive to neurodivergent customers.

When possible, avoid using ethereal language and mention what is necessary. Some people may need clarification if you employ jargon or esoteric terminology, and they may leave.

I prefer to write in an active voice

As much as possible, write in the active voice instead of the passive voice.

Before submitting it, spend some time editing your work many times. This will allow you to “trim the fat” and eliminate anything you believe isn’t essential to your main message.

Organized material

Make sure your material is organized logically. Provide a step-by-step narrative that instructs your user.

Divide your information into manageable, quick-to-scan sections. Avoid using strong or italicized font formatting excessively; instead, utilize logical subheadings to help consumers find their way through your data.

Use an app or platform like Hemingway, Readable, or ChatGPT to get AI-powered editing suggestions on how to make your writing more concise and readable.

Pick colour schemes that go together

Regarding inclusive content, visuals—more significantly, colours—are crucial.

It might be difficult for many neurodivergent users to interpret colours that seem overly bright or contrasting. You may reduce the overpowering nature of your content designs (landing pages, blog articles, emails, app displays, etc.) by utilizing more subdued colours in pastel tones or single colours.


To prevent confusion or annoyance, you may choose one colour for headers, one for CTA buttons, and one for anchor text.


When making your content design more inclusive for neurodivergent consumers, using a maximum of three complimentary colours on a white backdrop is often the best action. Regularly using these hues across the page is also important, as this will lessen mental fatigue or tension.

Provide your stuff in various forms

Offering your digital marketing material in various forms is one of the best methods to create it. By doing this, you’ll ensure that your customers may access what you offer in the method that suits them best.

Features that read

Your material aloud or provide audio suggestions as your audience navigates through it.

Any video or animation visual material, such as educational videos, should include fully descriptive subtitles integrated into the video. Utilize personalization tools that let users adjust the contrast and brightness of every screen or webpage they see.

Be more conscious of online accessibility

One aspect of having a higher knowledge of accessibility difficulties for your company is considering people who are neurodivergent for your online content.

In the current era, people have been working with accessibility specialists TPGi. To develop user experience (UX) procedures that accommodate all visitors to webinars, seminars, and other locations. This involves adhering to the recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and carrying out a VPAT to verify compliance.

Your workforce’s neurodiversity

While these suggestions for inclusive content are helpful, there’s no disputing that having the proper people on staff is the most excellent approach to guarantee that your marketing campaigns and material are entirely accessible to neurodivergent consumers.

Neurodivergent marketers are the foremost authorities in producing inclusive content for neurodivergent customers. You may apply the suggestions and modifications we’ve covered here in a manner that is accurate, compliant and provides genuine value if you have neurodivergent marketers on your team.

Today’s companies have an opportunity to provide truly inclusive marketing material and communications by being more inclusive in their recruiting selections.

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