How Do I Enjoy Life With So Much Going On!

How Do I Enjoy Life With So Much Going On!

Life can be busy for anyone, just like me. Some people have more on the plate than others, but some know how to maneuver their utilization matrix better. Today I will share some of my crazy work life secrets, which may change your life forever. 

First of all, a bit about me, I am a busy father of 4 with an even more active digital entrepreneur. I am handling marketing campaigns of 20+ websites on top of my writing projects. I’m a foodie, and I travel all year round but still find time to write these blogs. 

How do I do this? What’s the magic behind it? 

Let’s uncover.

The first thing I have to mention here is the willingness to do. If you really want to do it and are passionate enough to act and be like a superhuman, you can definitely. The story begins with the ‘WILL.’

Next comes how passionate you are to maintain that ‘will’ to perform consistently. Are you someone who gives up in a week or two weeks? Or can you run like a machine for months? or even years. 

So far, we have discussed factors related to mindset and mental determination, and rightly so because success starts from the perspective and the way you dream yourself to be in the future. 

After covering these corners, I now work on creating a definite plan. My plan is a detailed description of SMART goals and how I would achieve them.   

A draft of my goals sheet look like these:
  • Complete the ebook on PPC ads by the 12th of March 
  • Revise PA client’s PPC ad campaign with the new smart ad strategy
  • Meeting with the SEO team for the new FHE launch on Friday
  • Arrange daughters birthday celebrations by next Tuesday
  • Visit Islamabad for realtor meeting coming weekend
  • ….
  • ….

And so on.



The key here and how I can handle this much workload is the sheer organization of tasks both in my head and on paper. 

Tools I use to organize my diverse projects are sticky notes, Google calendar, Google voice reminders, a personal diary, and most importantly, my wife. 

They rightly say that a wife is behind every successful man. Yes, my wife is significant support for the heavy lifting of a busy schedule. She keeps me motivated, aligned, and focused on my priorities. No AI tool can beat the responsivity of your spouse who wants to help you succeed. 

I once read the book by Rory Vaden, ‘Walk the stairs.’ His procrastination hierarchy is the golden tool that made me deliberately leave tasks on purpose. And it taught me how to grasp control of my routine and personal assets. 

I developed a mindset over time that getting tasks done today brings a vacuum in the future for new jobs to be completed. This little thought increased my productivity by 100%.  

All being said, I have to mention here for juniors in the field, if you are new to your domain, you will take more time than usual, so don’t be critical of yourselves. When you develop the art of your skill, time becomes a treasure, and you start getting credit for that. 

After my work hours finish around 5:30 to 6, I leave every thought on the table and spend my much-needed family time, and it prolongs till late nights at times. I cover this by working late at night and reducing the time from the sleep hours. 

Somehow my body has readjusted to sleeping 3-4 hours a day, still being the same workaholic. I gain my missed hours of sleep on a random weekend, and brain strength looks normal to me again. 

I always keep my work laptop with me so I am on top of all emails and projects at all times. I always tell the team that Slack is the backbone of our agency. My teams are working remotely and in-person but smartly connected through SLACK, which honestly I love using.

If you love what you do, work becomes fun, which probably has happened to me. I can be my workaholic self and still enjoy what I do. This way, I don’t feel the pain and can keep all corners covered.

I also tend to use voice features on my smartphone more than I used to. Half of my businesses run on my smartphone, so I have the fasted one in town. I have used the ONE Plus 7 pro, then 8 Pro. It’s working like fire; I am just waiting for the One Plus 10 Pro to launch because it can take on my fire right where I left.


I am more than happy to help anyone in a similar situation and facing issues. You can reach me at


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