Reap the Rankings – A Complete SEO Guide

Reap the ranking is a medium-sized ebook written to efficiently help students and professional marketers learn the SEO process. SEO is a time-consuming process, and all the steps are taken to set up an SEO campaign have to be accurate to generate premium results. This book will help you set up your campaign and provide you with examples from real-life case studies and pro tips.


Reap The Rankings will train you to get FAST SEO results. This SEO guide for beginners is comprehensively written for students, marketing professionals, and business leaders. You can download this best free SEO eBook in PDF on your gadget and become an SEO expert in no time.

What is inside this book?

  • Brief definitions for beginners of all certain SEO elements.
  • Instructions on implementing it and some real case studies desert at the end of each chapter.
  • The most critical SEO strategies are divided into 12 chapters.
  • Pro Tips and infographics.
  • In this book, ” Reap the rankings” You will learn a complete and practical SEO guide for marketers.

Who Should Read, Reap The Rankings?

SEO is a tricky game. You will see thousands of people ranting about the annoyingness of the procedure being long and uncertain. This book is for the people who have tried and haven’t been as successful as they would like. This book is also for candidates trying SEO for the first time.

The book is strategically written in 12 chapters. Readers have to follow the pattern of activities defined. If you are a marketer or an SEO professional, Reap the Rankings will also help you ensure that you are following the SEO checklist or not.

Chapters of the Book

Chapter 1 – Website & Sitemap

Chapter 2 – Add Robots.txt file

Chapter 3 – Google Analytics

Chapter 4 – Google Search Console

Chapter 5 – Keyword Research

Chapter 6 – Content Strategy

Chapter 7 – On-Page SEO Checklist

Chapter 8 – Technical SEO Checklist

Chapter 9 – Link Building Checklist

Chapter 10 – Local SEO

Chapter 11 – Social Media

Chapter 12 – User Experience & Usability

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